Thai Summer Rolls

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Thai Summer Rolls crafted from lettuce, basil, snap peas, sprouts, yellow pepper, tofu, and crushed cashews cozied up in rice paper. Enjoy with lightened up peanut sauce (it is summer you know…).

The Food


Gotham Greens Blooming Brooklyn Iceberg Lettuce
Gotham Greens Basil
Snap Peas
Alfalfa Sprouts
Yellow Pepper
Extra Firm Tofu
Rice Paper


Sesame Oil
Purified Water

The Process

Steam tofu, place in glass bowl, cover with plastic wrap, place in microwave for 90 seconds.

Julienne your veggies and steamed tofu.

The Assembly

Place rice paper in warm water, soak for 15 seconds until pliable. Remove from water. Lay lettuce and fixins. Leave 1.5 inches around the sides. Fold in one side, fold in edges, roll.

Notable Purveyors

Gotham Greens Local Produce,
Katagiri Japanese Grocery Store, 224 E 59th Street, New York, NY 10022,


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